Car + Retail Tokyo Showroom

A model for a new designer car showroom which features complementing integration of fashion and retail spaces to create a more dynamic and frequented series of showrooms and shopping experiences. The building's primary feature is an exhibition and retail space which wraps the entirety of the building, connecting the various retail locations and secondary showrooms. This spiraling upward movement is meant to propel visitors through the various spaces as well as produce a series of dramatic and highly-visible moments with the cars as the primary focal point. With the advent of new alternative means of transportation, the increasing acceptance and awareness of energy-conscious behavior, and renewed interest in public amenities, the automobile no longer occupies the center of collective consciousness as the primary means of personal transport. This project is meant to alter the distinction between transportation and 'life accessory'.

Early Structural Concept 
Facade Deconstruction
Site Plan
Site Section
Detailed Section
Facade Detail
NorthWest Approach
Program Diagram
Plan _ Floor 1, Entry
Plan _ Floor 6, Primary Showroom
Plan _ Floor 7, Primary Showroom
Primary 'Wrapping' Geometry Concept
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